When you are juggling the demands of NHS work and/or a demanding private practice whose prime aim is to give medical services to the public, the last thing you want to worry about is being compliant with statutory accounting requirements.

Accounting services for medical professionals can be complex. A range of factors must be considered, e.g. locum accounts, income or pension and taxes from NHS, income from private practice. In addition, there may be a property portfolio that needs to be considered. This unique sector requires accountants who have experience in understanding the complexities and advising correctly.

At Chowdhary & Co we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding the specific needs of a medical professional’s accounting needs. We currently service over 150 medical professionals, providing hands on personalized service, fitting in with their busy schedule to ensure that they stay fully compliant with Govt departments. Our expert tax advice is also very much appreciated by our clients.

Our service is cost effective and personalised, tailored to each different type of medical professional.

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